Zero Budget Films

Coming soon - The complete guide to making movies for little or no money at all. This site is here to provide you, the low budget movie makers, with the resources that will assist you in your minimal budget creation process.

Get the basics first - our site provides you with articles offering useful advice and tips on how to succeed in your movie making process, how to make the best of your low budget and of course how to make sure that you don’t go overboard and exceed the budget that you have set for your movie. If reading long articles bores you - Our Tutorial Videos section presents fun, entertaining, but also insightful videos that we collected from the web, all offering some advice on the Zero Budget movie making process.

Producing a movie is not enough - A special attention will also be given to cover online distribution channels such as You Tube and niche websites such as Forex Videos.

There is nothing like experience to help us learn - our famous stories section features the most successful films, made with little or no budget. Lets get going and create some cool inexpensive movies!